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ScopeTrack provides an endoscopy department with a comprehensive, cost effective and fully integrated management process for the tracking and traceability of flexible endoscopes to ensure patient safety and a reduction in healthcare associated infections. It is obviously vital that the process applied within the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes is of the highest quality and meets the required standards. The full floor management system allows the user to record the endoscope decontamination process through manual wash, automated washer reprocessing, storage and finally use on a patient.

ScopeTrack uses the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to track endoscopes throughout reprocessing and during use within clinical areas. It delivers a range of important benefits and outcomes:

Increased Patient Safety:
ScopeTrack ensures endoscopes are fit for use on a patient

Improved Efficiency:

ScopeTrack enables operators to performing identical tasks more quickly and with minimum touch, It also enables accurate recording of all critical parameters, including: operator, scope and consumables

Complete Process Management:

ScopeTrack provides full traceability of product to patient, and patient to product, with real time reports, including: manual cleaning, washer disinfectors and storage cabinets

Improved Audit Trail:

ScopeTrack maintains accurate endoscope inventory including loan scopes and scopes in repair

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

ScopeTrack RFID supports and meets the government directives to reduce the carbon footprint.

Clinical System Integration:

We have established clinical systems integration with major Endoscopy clinical systems such as Endoradd and Endosoft.

If you have a an alternate clinical system in your Endoscopy suite, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will happily discuss integration opportunities with your provider.


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The integration of RFID technology enables data to be gathered by passing the tagged item over a reader. This can streamline production flow and facilitates a greater level of integration between the process, machine through to use on patient.

The use of RFID technology can also reduce the use of paper and labels in the reprocessing cycle. ScopeTrack RFID can be 100% paperless, eliminating the purchase and use of paper used for printing identity and production labels

Single Scan

We enable healthcare providers to deliver significant process improvements through the implementation of our Machine Interface Engine TrackerMIE with an expanding group of reprocessing machine manufacturers.

One such advance is the introduction of SingleScan technology. Married to our range of software products, SingleScan means that once a compliant scope is scanned into an Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER), all cycle and parameter checks are managed and validated between the machine and ScopeTrack. This can include entry to and exit from the drying cabinet.

Two way communication between ScopeTrack, reprocessor and cabinets automatically checks that parameters are met. Any failures are alerted to the technician who can then take the remedial action required.

Our ScopeOverwatch programme displays the progress of the automated SingleScan process so that managers and technicians always have a clear view of cycle and equipment progress.