Our Guarantee: Management insight – continuous improvement

Our clients have chosen us because we make it really easy for them to achieve both better financial and service performance across the equipment delivery chain.

In fact, we guarantee that, following system set-up, we provide access to the management insight to drive continuous improvement across the equipment management lifecycle. No other vendor can deliver this capability.

The intelligence of our solution and the rigour of our Equipped™ Method, allow us to provide a unique seven part guarantee* that means we provide the highest performing equipment lifecycle management platform available today.

We guarantee:

  1. A reduction in wasted time
    By automating as much of the process as possible and by ensuring that staff know when the equipment they need will be available to use, we deliver a significant reduction in wasted time at steps along the chain and at the point of patient service delivery
  2. Real-time information visibility
    We ensure that the information required by every staff member, at each step in the chain, is available when they need it and in the format required, so that they can take better quality decisions, perform at their best and deliver continuous improvement
  3. A reduction in the number of cancelled procedures
    By providing real-time visibility of equipment delivery we make it easier for healthcare providers to schedule operations and medical procedures, safe in the knowledge that the equipment they need will be available at the right time. As a result we help to reduce the number of cancelled procedures due to unavailable equipment
  4. A reduction in costs
    By ensuring our clients can see all the costs at every step in the equipment lifecycle, we enable healthcare providers to strip out unnecessary effort, streamline processes and reduce the frequency of mistakes and the need for reprocessing
  5. Minimum touch
    By mapping every step in the process, we've introduced ways to automate so that we reduce the touch required by frontline staff, sterile services and administrators – thus freeing their time to be more productive
  6. Continuous improvement
    We enable departmental managers to eliminate waste, drive incremental improvements and increase returns - not just of the track and trace process but also from related processes -because we capture data at every step in the equipment lifecycle
  7. Increased accountability and proof of value
    We provide the dashboards and management insight required to not just prove the value of processes but to inform the decisions required to increase the value from processes. Our platform enables healthcare providers to make the performance of the equipment lifecycle completely transparent and to connect it with KPIs

* Once the system is set up


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