Tracker Costing

Tracker Costing has an extensive range of costing options including Standard Minute Values (SMV’s), fixed costs, consumable costs, delivery costs and VAT.

Coupled to our Business Insight module, Tracker Costing provides additional process data both in graphical and statistical reports. It also takes into account complex instruments that cost more to reprocess.

Examples of reports show the production levels of all instruments through each process step in the Central Decontamination Unit (CDU) including Receipt, Wash, Pack, Autoclave and Dispatching. This data enables the identification of workflow issues, and even the cost of reprocessing kit which has to repeat the same or additional process steps following a non-conformance.

The internal costing function in our new Business Insight module will identify the exact cost down to 0.0001p for each and every instrument reprocessed in your CDU. Additionally this cost can be further defined, i.e. split into costs for production labour, management labour, overtime costs, consumable costs, equipment and servicing costs - in fact any cost you have a budget for including the Tracker support costs. All costs are actual, so you will know exactly how much all kit costs your CDU to provide.


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