MS1 Integration

Units that have adopted the GS1 coding standards can also use the services of MS1, in order to improve patient safety through higher levels of traceability. Data from your FingerPrint systems can be uploaded onto the MS1 servers via the internet and then downloaded into any MS1 compliant partner site.

Benefits of MS1 Sterile Service:

  • The ability to lend your own medical devices and theatre trays to other hospital sites
  • Electronically import commercial loan data
  • Use the services of MS1 to transfer reprocessing to other sites, either temporarily or permanently
  • Collaborate with other hospitals in your group or trust and form a pool of equipment.

All FingerPrint Tracker modules incorporate the MS1 interfacing tools so providing you have an internet connection and membership to MS1 you can use these services.

About Medical Standard 1

Medical Standard 1 (MS1) assists the healthcare sector and its providers with the adoption of the GS1 coding structures to improve patient safety through higher levels of traceability.



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