Intelligent Support

We understand that pressure that all of our customers face to deliver the best quality healthcare available. Members of our support team are experts in computerized traceability and work with you to resolve issues quickly in a robust way. Our continued development process takes two forms, immediate changes to make the operational functionality suit departments as they evolve. The second in our scheduled release programme, where we evaluate a calendar of changes needed for compliance and changing standards and ensure that these are available to all customers once a year.

Support is a critical factor in the provision of a computerised tracking and traceability system as without it operations or other procedures can get cancelled. FingerPrint systems are guaranteed to provide 99.9% uptime and our support options include 24/7 cover for departments that operate 24 hours a day. Our development team is possibly the largest in the industry and they have been developing and supporting users since 1996.

User-Friendly Experience

On screen displays are clear and easy to follow and most functions can be accomplished by the simple scan of a barcode, as in a supermarket checkout, or via the click of a mouse.

Software Flexibility

Every department operates in slightly different ways therefore we provide a choice of user defined options that enable the user/department to set up their chosen systems to meet their exact requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

The Tracker Suite Modules are constantly reviewed, and where required updated to ensure compliance to the appropriate regulations, standards and guidelines. All upgrades are provided free of charge to all customers with a valid Tracker support contract in place.

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