Equipment Lifecycle Management (ELM)

We help our customers turn Equipment Lifecycle Management® data into the foundation for continuous improvement and the achievement of financial and patient service KPIs.

Our customers who bought our solutions to track and trace medical equipment, are discovering that we now enable them to transform the performance of their equipment provisioning, utilisation, cleansing and delivery based on the real time intelligence our ELM solutions provide.

We can guarantee to provide the highest performing equipment lifecycle management platform available today because we’ve mapped every process step in the lifecycle of frontline medical equipment.

With almost 20 years of replacing manual record systems, and making it possible for all staff in the equipment delivery chain to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) more easily, we’ve identified what was expected at each step by the staff member concerned, the pain points to be removed and the other systems to integrate with. As a result, we have developed software solutions that automate the process so that it requires minimum touch by the staff concerned. We call this Equipment Lifecycle Management (ELM).

We’ve achieved this because our approach to ELM is based on these core principles:

  • Complete information visibility – We ensure that the information required by every staff member, at each step in the chain, is available when they need it and in the format required, so that they can take better quality decisions and perform at their best
  • Inclusivity - We always ensure that our solution benefits the whole of the equipment delivery chain including frontline staff, sterile services and administrators, by providing better visibility and manageability for all concerned throughout the entire equipment lifecycle
  • Time - Our solution is built to ensure that the time of healthcare professionals is never wasted – by automating as much of the process as possible and by ensuring they will know when the equipment they need will be available to use. That’s why we provide real time access to the information needed for timely decision-making
  • Data integration – We aim to integrate data from clinical and patient systems at each process step to provide effective management information for better decision-making, resource planning and equipment utilisation
  • Automation/minimum touch – We’ve designed our solution to be easy to use and track and to require minimum touch to run and manage
  • Cost transparency – We ensure our customers can see all the costs at every step in the equipment lifecycle so that these can be managed and/or reduced
  • Cost reduction/service optimisation – By stripping out unnecessary effort, and ensuring that the whole equipment delivery chain benefits, we enable more value to be squeezed out of every step of the process by both reducing costs and enhancing productivity
  • Eliminating cancelled procedures – By mapping the equipment delivery chain we identified that the late arrival of a single piece of equipment could cause the cancellation of an operation or procedure. By ensuring the timely delivery of equipment we deliver a number of important benefits: we ensure the cost of provisioning for the operation is not wasted; we enable the revenue for the operation to be secured and, we enable the patient to receive a better and more timely experience
  • Staff morale – We recognise that healthcare professionals have immense pride in their ability to work to the highest possible standards. Our solutions not only remove the frustrations from not being able to perform at their best but also increase the sense of achievement in a job well done
  • Proof of value – Because of the inherent need for accountability in the healthcare sector, we provide the dashboards and management insight required to not just prove the value of processes but to inform the decisions required to increase the value from processes
  • Continuous improvement based on smart data – We capture data at every step in the equipment lifecycle so that we can eliminate waste, drive incremental improvements and increase returns - not just of the track and trace process but also from related processes.
  • Aligned to the NHS key drivers – Our whole business ethos is aligned to the pressures faced throughout the healthcare market, for more information on the drive for efficiency please click on the following BBC news link: NHS Efficiency Drive

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