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We set up FingerPrint Medical in 1996 to help healthcare providers respond to the challenges of the CJD crisis by enabling the timely delivery of equipment for frontline medical procedures with the certainty that it was safe to use. For our first customers, the ability to track and trace equipment provided greater certainty of compliance with safety procedures and the ability to prove compliance if needed.

We could have looked at this as just a data challenge. After all, data capture, analysis and reporting lies at the heart of our solution. However, we recognised from the outset that we were creating a tool that would enable a whole array of healthcare professionals – from departmental managers, surgeons and theatre staff, to the sterile service team – to perform their own tasks more effectively so that patients would benefit.

We also recognised that the success of each task was dependent on the one before it being performed to the highest standard. This concept, of a continuous service delivery chain, has guided our thinking and has meant that we’ve never lost sight of the fact that our products should enable healthcare professionals to perform at their best so they can deliver the best possible patient and colleague experience.

As a result, our computerised tracking and traceability systems are used by over 200 hospitals in Sterile Services, Endoscopy, Super Centres, Theatres and Clinics.

As our name implies, we recognise that every use of medical equipment is unique and needs a unique identifier. This enables healthcare providers to satisfy complex compliance requirement but, more importantly, also supports enhanced patient safety and the continuous improvement of systems and processes.

Our tracking and traceability and quality audit trail systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of the health sector and satisfy the requirements of the current MHRA, HTM, European, International and Glennie guidelines on the reprocessing of all medical devices.

Because continuous improvement is at the heart of our approach, it should be no surprise that we listen to our customers and use this feedback to improve our solutions.

Each enhancement is available to our customers on an as needed basis.


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