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Tracker Admin

The FingerPrint Tracker Administration module is the backbone of the Tracker system. It is designed to require minimum touch from operators and provide the data and insight needed to achieve continuous improvement in both the performance of operators and the whole process.

Tracker uses clear and simple Windows methodology requiring minimal keyboard input to operate its many functions.

All records held in the system are simple to locate and report on, and adding new records could not be easier. Most housekeeping tasks are automated and need no user input. It monitors all items processed through the Sterile Services department whilst providing an audit trail that records wash, packing and sterilising processing procedures, identifies those responsible and highlights conformance and non-conformance with the procedure.

Tracker Admin works with all barcode symbologies (linear and 2D data matrix) and all types of single instrument marking technologies including KeyDot’s, dot peened, laser etched, laser bonded and RFID.

Tracker Administration supports all the following Sterile Services functions.

Dirty Returns

The FingerPrint Tracker Dirty Returns module enables the management of deliveries into the reprocessing area prior to manual inspection and wash. This is a critical step which feed real time management data into to the Tracker Equipment Lifecycle Management (ELM) system.

Detailed visibility of the exact location of items awaiting prepossessing is critical for both compliance and work flow streaming and fast track management.

Wash Area

The FingerPrint Tracker Wash module records all sets and single items scanned through the washing process, identifying the washing process including, type, cycle, contents and user. It also logs all washer types (manual, ultrasonic and machine washers) and all failures including the reason.

Maintenance testing and repair work on your washers can also be recorded and reported on. All entries are time and date stamped and included text comments added at a later date.

There is also a streaming facility to ensure that pre and post 1997 kit never gets mixed through the same process step.


The FingerPrint Tracker Pack module produces unique barcode Tracer labels and tray lists for all items processed in the clean room, including supplementary items that are marked with a 2D data matrix code.

Other features include: logging repairs, tracking items in the system by operator, position and time and date, setting temporary & permanent priorities and recording all repairs.

Operators are alerted when items reach their end of use state and where items need to be checked or replaced on a set. The support function which is available on all Tracker modules enables operators to view images of tray sets and single items together with any supporting documentation. It also keeps a record of equipment sent for repair.

The addition of the Pack Timer module records the time each operator takes to complete the inspection and packing process of each tray. A comprehensive report facility enables managers to identify trends and anomalies in labour resources and to target training where it is needed.

Tracker integrates single instrument tracking and can utilise all methods of single instrument identification, including: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Laser Etch, Dot Peen and KeyDot's.

Autoclave Area

The FingerPrint Tracker Autoclave module records all sets and single items scanned through the autoclave process, identifying the sterilisation process, including: type (i.e. Porous load or Gas Plasma), cycle, contents and user. It also logs all sterilisation failures including the reason why.

The Tracker Autoclave module can automatically despatch all packs which have passed the sterilisation process to their default location. All entries are time and date stamped and include text comments added at a later date.


The Tracker Stock Control module provides all of the functionality required to operate a bulk store. The module can be run in conjunction with the Tracker full floor management traceability system, or can be run independently where required.

The Stock Control module provides or supplies data required for:

  • Batch & LOT information
  • Batch recalls
  • Internal stock transactions
  • Stock taking
  • Stock value by product
  • Product shelf life control
  • Supplier lead times
  • Purchase order documentation
  • Delivery due dates
  • Delivery notes and invoices
  • Records full and part deliveries
  • Daily stock level
  • Non-conformance with a delivery or supplier
  • Shelf level position and quantity
  • Minimum stock levels
  • Stock adjustment on order receipt and dispatch
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Stock levels manually adjusted if / when required

Tracker Dispatch

The FingerPrint Tracker Despatch module enables the user to record all issues and receipts, including returns for non-conformance and credit receipt. The module records the quantity of equipment (by tray sets, supplementary and soft packs etc.) issued to various locations.

Special provisions are made for the issue of bulk supplementary and bulk soft packs. Permanent and temporary fast track items are displayed on the main processing screen. All records generated are date, time, unique product and responsible operator stamped. The support function which is available in all Tracker modules enables operators to view images of tray sets and single items together with any supporting documentation.

Remote Inventory

FingerPrint has a range of services which enable sites to view, manage and share Reusable Invasive Medical Devices (RIMD) in a compliant way.

Whether you are looking to pool resources between a group of hospitals, provide reprocessing viability to one of your customers or better manage stock levels, please contact us to discuss your scenario.

We will be happy to map out your current or intended process and match the range of services to suit your needs.


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