The pressure on theatre time and efficiency drives the need for continuous improvement on equipment availability.

Our comprehensive suite of theatre software covers Equipment ordering, receipt into theatre stores, through to use on patient and notification of theatre procedure completion.

The modular Theatres software packages interact seamlessly and can integrate into Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and related theatre management software via HL7 if required.

The FingerPrint Theatres applications enable better communication between departments, more accurate equipment requests and greater inventory availability.

Theatre Assist: Better planning

Theatre Assist provides remote access to your core traceability system. This acts as an aid for Theatres to determine the specific location of RIMD and to set Non-Conformances.

Theatre Stores: Accurate Stock Management

The FingerPrint Tracker Theatre Store module enables theatres staff to record the delivery of packs into their stores and then issue them to theatres. This is an important consideration for hospitals that report issues of packs that go missing or that are delivered to the wrong location.

Theatre Request: Procedure Planning

TheatreRequest enables theatres and sterile services to accurately plan for upcoming theatre lists. Uniquely identifying the required resources to avoid cancelled procedures.

Expiry Manager: Fit For Use

The FingerPrint Tracker expiry tool will notify theatres of any packs that are reaching or exceeded their used by dates. It will print expiry lists so operators can easily identify, collect and return out of date sets.

Locate: Item Visability

The FingerPrint Tracker Locate module can be run on any networked computer in the hospital to locate the precise position of a tray set or uniquely identified supplementary item (i.e. in the wash, in the clean room, in the autoclave, in the sterile stores or in a theatre store), thus eliminating the necessity to phone and search around different departments as is commonly done. Tracker locate will also identify it the item of set you are looking for has been sent off-site.

Theatre Trace: Product to Patient Traceability

The FingerPrint Theatre Trace module records all items used on a patient using barcode technology, not just surgical instruments. This application can either run on a workstation in the theatre or in the set-up area between theatres.
External Data Integration : Mimimising Data Entry Errors
The FingerPrint Data Pool Module integration directly imports the Supplier Name, Product code in to a procedure record. This means that rather than theatre staff having to manually key in product names and supplier details, all that is required is entry of the serial number batch code and expiry of the item.

Theatre Complete: Faster Turnaround

TheatreComplete notifies the reprocessing centre when instrumentation in theatres is ready to be collected after use. This enables faster turnaround of items and enables higher utilisation of equipment.

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